The Grand 1401 - Fresno's Premier Event Venue
Image description: A historic 11-story high-rise building located in downtown Fresno, California, known as the San Joaquin Light and Power Corporation Building. The building stands tall at 52.8 meters (173 feet). It was completed in 1923 for the San Joaquin Light and Power Corporation, which later evolved into the Pacific Gas and Electric Company. The chief designer responsible for its creation was Raymond R. Shaw from the R.F. Felchlin Company.</p>
<p>The architectural structure is an iconic landmark of the city, ranking as the fourth tallest building in Fresno. Over the years, the building has undergone changes, and it now houses two event spaces—one on the first floor and another on the 10th floor. The building's rich history and enduring presence make it a significant part of Fresno's skyline

The History Of

Fresno’s Champion Skyscraper

Originally built in 1924 by the San Joaquin Power Company, The Grand Tower is a highly significant building in Fresno, both as a visual architectural landmark for the City and as an excellent example of the Italian Renaissance Revival style. Famed local architect and builder, R.F. Felchlin, designed and built the ten-story scraper which was hailed by The Fresno Bee as “Fresno’s Champion Skyscraper.”

Since its purchase, The Grand Tower has utilized a wealth of experience and knowledge to lovingly restore the entire building. The Grand Tower now boasts two gorgeous, and fully restored ballrooms, plus over 80,000 square feet of Class A office space. The Grand Tower’s dedication to the revival of Downtown Fresno has guaranteed the survival of a building on the National Register of Historic Places, while also bringing businesses and people to the area.

Versatile Space

The Grand 1401 is proud to offer three different event venues here in the Central Valley, each with its own unique style. No matter what your taste is, you will fall in love with one of our venues. From a classical, romantic atmosphere to a more modern and upscale environment. With each venue, we provide the very best in amenities and service for our clients.