From grand public proposals to cozy and intimate proposals, these 10 are some of our all time favorites.


This couple hiked to the top of the Stairway to Heaven in Oahu to get engaged. With a lot of planning on his part and all the right puzzle pieces falling together, she was completely and happily surprised.


Proposing on a beach is the perfect place for laid-back couples. With long walks on the beach being a romantic staple, it is the ultimate proposal place for people who love the sand and sea. Before a guy gets on one knee, a lot of them choose to involve the bride’s family. This is a cute gesture that involves a little more planning but means a lot to a close knit family. It will be a day that she’ll never forget.


If she’s the type of girl who loves her morning coffee just as much as she loves you, then this spoon is perfect. Whether it’s in the early morning of your cozy home or at her favorite coffee shop, she will be surprised to stir her coffee with this engraved proposal spoon that she can keep as a memento forever.


Modeling for an engagement shoot, this Tennessee couple spent the day being romantic and posing for pretty pictures. Little did she know that at the end of the day, he would get down on one knee and actually propose! It was a picture perfect surprise.


This guy really hit it out of the park! No, really. There is nothing a sports fan loves more than her favorite game. A shared love for a sport can really bring a couple together, and this diamond ring inside of a baseball proves that!


Some people will go to great lengths to surprise their significant other. In this case, Jake actually got into an aquarium fish tank to surprise his girlfriend.


Bringing it back to the days in elementary school when you would pass notes to the girl you liked, this guy took it to a whole other level by hand stitching his proposal. The clever ways he switched out the words are perfect and there is no way that she could have said no!


They met playing high school basketball and he got down on one knee nearly 4 years later. Logan took Callie Jo out to dinner and followed it by taking her to one of their favorite spots. Proposing in a place that means a lot to the both of you is sentimental and romantic.


Proposing to her boyfriend in a way he couldn’t resist, this video game playing girl took their combined love of Mario Kart and created this cute ring box.


Involving all their friends and family, this large scale proposal took a lot of coordination and timing but it couldn’t have turned out better!

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