Taking engagement photos is a great idea for several reasons. It’s an opportunity to recreate your proposal, get comfortable with your wedding photographer, and practice posing for the camera. An engagement shoot beautifully captures the excitement and joy leading up to your big day.

You can also use these photos for creative save-the-dates, wedding décor, invitations, or as framed gifts for your family. The best part? Many photographers include an engagement session in their wedding photography packages. Be sure to ask your photographer if they offer this service. 


Our 10 Favorite Spots In Our Wedding Venue for Engagement Photos!

1. The Grand on 10 Ballroom – Our Rooftop Ballroom located on the 10th floor is the only wedding hall in Fresno where you can be up over 140′ high in the sky. Did we mention how stunning the architecture looks like up here?     



2. The Grand Ballroom – Our main floor ballroom offers stunning architecture features such as it’s extravagant sky-high columns, stunning chandeliers and detailed plaster moldings. This photoshoot location makes for the perfect backdrop.

3. Fulton & Tuolumne Corner – One of our more popular photo shoot locations, this corner area of our building offers stunning architecture, vintage light fixtures and our shiny brass doors! 

4. The Mezzanine in The Grand Ballroom – Located on the mezzanine level of The Grand Ballroom, this area provides our building’s original railings and a unique perspective of our banquet hall. 

5. The Grand Ballroom Staircase – Usually used for your Grand Entrance, The Grand Ballroom staircase provides a great photo op that you can’t find anywhere else.  

6. Main Floor Elevator Lobby – Floor to ceiling marble, brass doors, brass elevators… What more do you need?

7. The Grand on 10 Ceremony Side – This area is typically used for wedding ceremonies and meetings but it is now becoming popular as guests absolutely love the gold trim and the vintage light fixtures!

8. Warnors Theatre – Looking for the perfect RSVP photo? All you have to do is walk across the street! With our exclusive partnership with Warnors Theatre, you can get custom marquee signage through us!

9. The Awnings on Tuolumne Street – One of our most underrated photo op spots! The awnings on Tuolumne aren’t just to protect you for the rain or provide shade, this area helps create some very unique photos! 

10. The Grand on 10 Veranda – Spectacular downtown Fresno views, vintage light fixtures, and beautiful columns! This sky high location is our most popular photo shoot location. 

Have a favorite spot in our wedding venue to take photos in? Comment below and let us know where! Feel free to share any photos you have by emailing us at info@thegrand1401.com for a chance to be featured on our website.